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I was surprised to receive your advisor reference guide so quick. it only takes 2 business days after you promise to send it to me.  This is the main reason why i like to doing business with you in the past 25 years!  Not only your professional knowledge but also you are reliable.  You are exactly the person who I can trust and your financial advises help me a lot.  Thank you again for your advises.  I wish I can have your service for another 25 years.

 Sincerely yours,

Allen Wen

True Care...

December in Vancouver was cold and wet, and sometimes with inexplicably strong wind.  Marian, whom we had never met before, came to our home to discuss “financial insurance” regardless of the bad weather.  Since our age is similar and coming from the same culture…We got along very well and quickly became true friends.  Marian’s professional, patient explanation reminded me that this “middle-aged woman” should have better planning for the future.  What she said is exactly what I need to know!  Because of her sincerity, I made my own decision to write the cheque without advising my husband.  Quickly after my impulsive decision I told Marian to hold off.  Unexpectedly, Marian returned the cheque immediately, gave us sufficient time and patience.  The next time we gathered again in Vancouver with my husband this time, she sincerely explained everything all over again.  She touched our hearts and since then we are still good friends and she’s the best advisor we’ve ever seen…

Wilma C. Lin

Safe Investment Choices with steady return!

Meeting Marian in a financial-lecture gave me a much deeper understanding of how to manange my money in Canada.  I had no doubt to accept her proposal to let her plan my insurance and investment portfolios.  Her advise has kept me from the wind and storm for years…while the money is still growing steadily!  There is no doubt in her profession that she will carefully select the right tools for all her clients.  To me, minimizing risk is the most important concern when investing long-term.  Her kind and professional service made me comfortable being a “financial idiot” for all these years…

Susan Yeh

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